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5 std2fifo

std2fifo is a helper program for TLSd. Given a root directory and an environment variable, it creates a "<root dir>/<env var>/" directory, writes input into the "out" FIFO in that directory, and prints the "in" FIFO output.

Overall, it tries to be suitable for use with TLSd (or other super-servers), and with common tools on the other end.

5.1 Invocation

std2fifo [option ...] [--] <dir>

5.1.1 Command line arguments

-v var

An environment variable name (default is SHA256).


Continuous streams mode: do not reopen streams once they are closed, and do not close the "out" stream after each message. It is intended for applications such as file transfer, as opposed to textual messaging.

-i ident

Syslog identifier to use.


Print messages into stderr, in addition to syslog.


Print a help message and exit.

5.1.2 Examples Testing

FOO=bar std2fifo -v FOO -ce /tmp/ Per-connection FIFO pairs

tlsd -p 5601 -e -- std2fifo -e /var/lib/tlsd-im/