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4 fp2alias

fp2alias is a helper program for TLSd. It reads the SHA256 environment variable, adds the ALIAS variable by looking it up in a file, and runs a given command with that variable in the environment.

If it’s not allowed to add new aliases, it would reject unknown users.

4.1 Invocation

fp2alias [option ...] [--] [<command> [argument ...]]

4.1.1 Command line arguments

-f certfile

A file with "fingerprint alias" entries (default is /etc/tls/aliases).


Add new aliases. This basically turns a private service into a public one.

-i ident

Syslog identifier to use.


Print messages into stderr, in addition to syslog.


Print a help message and exit.

4.1.2 Examples Authentication

tlsd -- fp2alias -- sh -c 'echo "Hello, ${ALIAS}!"'