Network abuse

Here is my log of spotted and reported network abuse incidents. It started as private notes aiming to keep track of those being fixed, and to block the hosts if they keep spamming.

Spam messages

Below are incidents with spam messages that got through the usual filters, both email and XMPP.

Date Host Type Report Notes
2021-02-09 email
2021-03-31 email
2021-06-24 2a00:1450:4864:20::641 email Gmail abuse reporting form Apparently reporting didn't work, nothing happened on "submit".
2021-06-25 email
2021-09-12 XMPP no xmpp@ address, contacted, no response and spam kept coming, submitted a JabberSPAM blacklist PR Subscription probing from
2021-09-12 XMPP, replied that he'll investigate Probing from
2021-09-12 XMPP, no reply; on 2021-09-20, no reply and no effect either; submitted a blacklist PR Probing from
2022-04-25 email
2022-04-28 email
2022-05-29 email
2022-05-30 email The client replied that it was solved a long time ago.
2022-05-31 2607:f8b0:4864:20::e41 email Gmail abuse reporting form
2022-06-30 email Chinese ISP, probably not worth reporting Blacklisted in postscreen_access.cidr.
2022-08-15 email
2022-08-25 XMPP No administrator contact information and no mail server there, reported to on 2022-08-30. Been asked to fill a form on 2022-09-07, fought the captcha and filled it, received an auto-reply/confirmation on 2022-09-26 (while subscriptions kept coming). subscription requests and OMEMO-encrypted messages without my OMEMO keys published, similar ones from multiple services and JIDs, with occasional plaintext being just silly. This one is from
2022-08-25 XMPP, they've deleted the user and started looking more closely for spammers. From
2022-08-25 XMPP, auto-reply and no effect, wrote to on 2022-09-05 From
2022-09-06 XMPP xmpp@ address doesn't exist, wrote to, been asked for logs and provided those on 2022-09-07 From