Personal data storage
Storage and backup notes ()
Private server setup
Configuration of common network services for private use ( to )
Typing and handwriting
Observations and musings on typing and handwriting ()
Home entertainment centre
Software, games, and media retrieval notes ( to )
Formal human languages
A speculation on an unified language ()
Everyday programming in Haskell
Regular Unix programming practice ()
Dependent types
Links and notes on programming and formal verification with dependent types ( to )
Reverse engineering of protocols
Notes on dealing with unspecified network protocols and file formats ()
Lightweight web browsers
Lightweight WWW user agent implementations and relevant technologies ( to )
Computer hardware
Personal notes on computer hardware ( to )
Computing context
On extending the context in which personal computing is done ( to )
Dynamic websites
Basic and reliable technologies for dynamic website building ()
UI colours
Legibility, colour selection, and colour generation for user interfaces ( to )
Software project complexity
Different kinds of—and views on—complexity ( to )
Online service provision
Mostly technical notes on decent online service setups ( to )
Complexity of data models
Data model anti-patterns and complexity metrics ()
Software packaging and deployment
An overview of software packaging and deployment options ()
Notes on HTML, particularly on authoring with HTML 5 and RDFa ( to )
Content type detection
Summary of content type detection horrors ( to )
ISO 8601
A rant about the standard and poor compliance with it ( to )
HTTP abuse
A speculation on the causes of HTTP abuse ( to )
Software interoperability
Notes and musings on software interoperability ( to )
Software extensibility
Notes and musings on software extensibility ( to )
Overview of the XMPP protocol and its implementations ( to )
Semantic Web
Semantic Web notes and links ( to )
User authentication
Overview and usage examples of user authentication technologies ( to )
cgit with nginx on CentOS
Installation instructions and notes for cgit ( to )
Flat structures
Considering the merits of flat structures ( to )
Time series data storage
Comparison of DBMS in application to time series data storage ( to )
Serialisation formats
An opinionated comparison of serialisation formats ( to )
Mobile computing
Experiences of doing computing on an old netbook ( to )
Video streaming
An overview of video streaming technologies, and a story of setting it up ( to )
Observations, practice, and speculation on log management ( to )
Building a keyboard
A story of building a computer keyboard without prior familiarity with electronics ( to )
Online courses and math notes
Notes on learning ( to )
Control flow
Error handling methods and state diagram depiction ( to )
A note on note taking ( to )
Command-line program interface
Generating user- and machine-friendly interfaces ( to )
Another blocked website
A timeline of Internet censorship and mass surveillance in Russia ( to )
Semantic UI
User interfaces based on semantics ( to )
Voice conferences
An outline of VoIP protocols and issues, with usage notes ( to )
My impressions of Lojban ( to )
Email usage notes, including mail server maintenance ( to )
Trying the Guix System Distribution ( to )
Web design checklist
Creating accessible and usable websites ( to )
Learning Blender
My experience of learning Blender basics ( to )
Issue tracking systems
An overview and some thoughts on BTSes ( to )
Learning Inkscape
My experience of learning basics of Inkscape and vector graphics drawing ( to )
Markup languages
An opinionated comparison of markup languages ( to )
Distributed systems
An overview of—and musings on—distributed computing ( to )
CentOS 7 workstation
Personal CentOS 7 workstation usage and configuration notes ( to )