I have a cat, she is fluffy and nice.

Not sure what my favourite colour is.

This is my homepage.


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This website

This is a valid website, with metadata (including RDFa and occasional alternate versions) present, so it can be used as such.

The authoring tools are available from the homepage repository.


The topics I'm interested in are reflected in the notes and projects, so this whole website is about those. The listing here is mostly for FOAF; I doubt that it will be any useful, but shouldn't harm.

Nowadays I'm doing functional programming in Haskell (and occasionally total functional programming with formal verification, in Idris), using Emacs on GNU/Linux. Sometimes working on FLOSS, and interested in computer programming and computing in general, which includes HCI, Semantic Web, and so on. Perhaps it can be summarised as an interest in reliably working and usable software.

Rather unsurprisingly, I'm also interested in the most common, non-computing subjects: cats, rock music, books, movies, games (Discworld MUD in particular), food, etc. As well as in some of the topics that are related to computing – such as digital art, perhaps electronics and mathematics. All the fun things I don't have enough time and energy to spend on.

Social graph

For FOAF to work somehow and someday, there should be user connections, hence this section. Unfortunately I don't know any other FOAF users (apart from very brief IRC conversations on the SWIG channel with a few), so it is empty. Maybe will make a FOAF profile for my cat someday.