Video streaming

Video streaming is weird: it seems to be relatively common, I know at least a few people who worked on software for that (always wondered how come that there's no existing tools), and it's still tricky to set. Although the situation is similar with many other things: somehow there's not much of usable software, despite all the programming that is getting done; even XKCD #949 is still relevant.

I needed to read RTSP streams from IP cameras, making them available to web browsers via HTML5 Video, what gives 3 alternative container formats:

I'd ignore the first one completely if it wasn't the most widely supported by web browsers (particularly Safari and IE/Edge don't support anything else). As of software, there are:

Icecast with ffmpeg appear to work fine for all common formats, though it'd be much nicer if it was possible to cover common browsers without using non-free formats. Or if video players (not web browsers) were used for video playback, perhaps even with some video streaming (not hypertext transfer) protocols to stream video. But a casual user would probably like videos embedded into web pages more, and would expect that – so we have to support poor web browsers that don't support much of video formats; this situation could be called either "progress" or "shame".