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Here I write about the things I learn, use, do, and think of. The page about me includes contact information.


There is the index of notes. Most recently modified ones:

Mobile computing
Experiences of doing computing on mobile devices ( to , 2623 words)
Music discovery
Music recommender systems, metadata distribution, search, analysis ( to , 538 words)
Iterative specification artifacts
On preservation of intermediate steps (, 347 words)
Personal data storage
Storage and backup notes ( to , 1669 words)
Reasonably healthy, quick, and easy to cook meals ( to , 5848 words)
Software packaging and deployment
An overview of software packaging and deployment options ( to , 1183 words)
Computer hardware
Personal notes on computer hardware ( to , 2383 words)
Data wragnling
On conversions between data models (, 493 words)


Most of my recent hobby projects are on, mirrored on my GitHub page and on my Codeberg page.


There is the index of blog posts, and I have a separate Mastodon microblog. Below are the most recent blog entries.

There are many interesting things around, and I am trying to collect them: it is both for me, to keep them around, and for others who may be interested.