1 My cat

I have a cat, she is fluffy and nice. Here are some photos: 1, 2, 3, 4.

2 Topics

Nowadays I'm mostly writing in Haskell, in Idris as a hobby, occasionally Scheme and ELisp, C and a bunch of other languages sometimes – so those will probably be mentioned and used in code examples.

There also are notes about technologies related to programming, such as network protocols, markup languages, UIs.

Apart from those, I like and trying to learn a few more areas: some maths, electronics, drawing, conlangs.

As of software, I'm an emacs user, so it's also occasionally used or mentioned in the notes.

3 Contact

  • Email: same as this website's address, but with @ instead of dot at obvious position. OpenPGP-friendly.
  • XMPP: same as email, OTR-friendly.
  • IRC: same nick on freenode.
  • PSYC: same nick on psyced.org.