1 My cat

I have a cat, she is fluffy and nice. Here are some photos: 1, 2, 3, 4.

2 Interests

The topics I'm interested in are reflected in the notes and projects. Mostly doing functional programming, using Emacs on GNU/Linux, being annoyed by imperfect tools, UIs, services, and other things; occasionally trying to improve or replace those.

3 Contact

  • Email: defanor@uberspace.net, OpenPGP-friendly.
  • XMPP: defanor@uberspace.net, OTR-friendly.
  • XMPP over Tor: defanor@dfei2rttaxykysmc.onion.
  • IRC: same nick on freenode.
  • PSYC: same nick on psyced.org.
  • FOAF: foaf.rdf