This website is a personal one, where I'm writing about the things I learn, use, and think of.

More of homepage-style information, including contact information, can be found here.

1 Notes

These notes are maintained (i.e., it's not a blog; perhaps more like a commonplace book), dates only indicate when they've appeared. There also are short notes and rants (or, rather, just stashed notes).

There is something closer to a blog (a phlog) on my Gopher site.

2 Projects

Most of my recent hobby projects are on my GitHub page. Though some are mirrored on git.uberspace.net, and some have their own pages:

  • TLSd, a TLS super-server.
  • Pancake, a CLI/emacs web/gopher/file browser.

3 Links

There's a lot of interesting things around, and I'm trying to collect them: it's both for me, to keep them around, and for others who could be interested.

4 Miscellany