defanor’s homepage

This website is a personal one, where I am writing about the things I learn, use, and think of.


Most recently modified notes:

Serialisation formats
An opinionated comparison of serialisation formats
Online service provision
Mostly technical notes on decent online service setups
Voice conferences
An outline of VoIP protocols and issues, with usage notes
Issue tracking systems
An overview and some thoughts on BTSes
Email usage notes, including mail server maintenance
Complexity of data models
Data model anti-patterns and complexity metrics
HTTP abuse
A speculation on the causes of HTTP abuse
Distributed systems
An overview of—and musings on—distributed computing

Other notes can be found in an index of notes, among stashed notes that did not get into the index, or in short notes.

There is something closer to a blog (a phlog) on my Gopher site.


Most of my recent hobby projects are on, and on my GitHub page.


There is a lot of interesting things around, and I am trying to collect them: it is both for me, to keep them around, and for others who may be interested.