defanor's personal web page

This website is a personal one, where I am writing about the things I learn, use, do, and think of.


Most recently modified notes:

Control flow
Error handling methods and state diagram depiction ( to )
Typing and handwriting
Observations and musings on typing and handwriting ()
Email usage notes, including mail server maintenance ( to )
Issue tracking systems
An overview and some thoughts on BTSes ( to )
Dependent types
Links and notes on programming and formal verification with dependent types ( to )
Learning Blender
My experience of learning Blender basics ( to )
Another blocked website
A timeline of Internet censorship and mass surveillance in Russia ( to )
Web design checklist
Creating accessible and usable websites ( to )

Other notes can be found in the index of notes. There is something closer to a blog (a phlog) on my Gopher site.


Most of my recent hobby projects are on, and on my GitHub page.


There is a lot of interesting things around, and I am trying to collect them: it is both for me, to keep them around, and for others who may be interested.